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Meet Jamie

April 17, 2024

Remember how I went to Logan a little bit ago and was visiting someone I was quite fond of? Well, meet Jamie – the somebody I am quite fond of – quite a lot indeed!

I haven’t been very open about my divorce on here, but it happened. I’ve been divorced officially since October 2023, but separated since August 2021. Most of that time was spent working and being with the kids, making a new life together from the fracture. Buying the camper, going on vacations, making routines, growing up too fast, and trying to make the best life we could together. And it was going fantastic!

And then I met Jamie, and the fantastic just multiplied into something even bigger. The future is great, this is going to be a big year of changes and joy. Jamie brings along 2 more kid additions making us a soon-to-be family of 7! Yes, that’s right, soon-to-be! Emmett, Elle, and Emily all adore her.

We met on the internet because that’s just how you do things nowadays. We had a few fantastically fun dates together and then brought the kids in on it and it’s just been getting better and better every week ever since. We compliment each other wonderfully and quite enjoy each others company. I’m so excited to build something together with her and share the adventures on here for all my tens of readers!

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