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September 7, 2019

How many photos are in your camera roll? My Apple Photos library is coming up on 22,000 photos and 1,200+ videos. I imagine your number is pretty similar. However, how many of those are high-quality, well-lit memories that your family will enjoy 25 years from now? Sure, we have lots of good smart phone photos, but not many are gonna be great. Not many are going to look amazing printed big and hanging on the wall.

That’s where nice gear and skill come in to play. Two things I like to think I have. Once upon a long time ago I wanted to become a full-time wedding photographer. I bought expensive equipment, became active with the local photography scene (made many great friends!) and took classes from some of the best photographers in the world. Being in the community and learning from the greats was so much fun. Meeting amazing people and photographing their life was great. Eventually though, I kinda phased out of it and just kept photography around as a hobby. And now that I have kids, I take the skills that I learned years ago and apply them to capturing memories of my family.

I’m getting the itch again, though. Not to go full-time and not go all-out and shoot weddings, but I’d like to get back in to taking family photos and senior photos and start to give my go at day in the life and real estate photography.

That’s my long winded, round-about way to say I’m available for hire. If you like what you see on this site and want to give me an opportunity to meet you and your family and capture some memories let’s do it.

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