A Day in the Life

A Photoblog by Joel


March 28, 2024

Emily, today you are 5! I can’t believe it. It feels just like yesterday you woke up a day after turning 4 and asked me if you were still 4. This morning you asked me if you were already 5. I love how excited you are to grow up – and yet I don’t love that you are growing up! You’re such an adorable addition to the family.

We had your birthday on Saturday and it was a big hit! Your cousin Sicily came over to do Princess hair, Jamie did Facepainting, Alicia made the cake and then I set up a little photoshoot and everyone got to model for the camera. It was a blast. You are loved by so many!

Some of my absolute favorite things about you is how happy you always get when you see anything cute, how much fun you have playing with your friends, I love listening to you play and use your imagination – you’re so good at make believe! I love that you still wear dresses almost every day, I love how fancy you talk sometime (Daddy what time will my guests arrive for my birthday?). I love all your little squeaks and squeals you make when you’re happy and excited.

Happy Birthday Emily. You are so very loved!

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