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September 22, 2018

Ever the stars of my stories of late, meet Emmett and Elle. Emmett just turned 5 in August. He’s a happy, loving, sweet little boy that loves trains, and legos, and cars. He’s definitely a fan of the mechanical. He builds fancy tracks all over the house and is very creative with his legos. He’s a slightly picky eater, usually chomping down his veggies before his meat. He started Kindergarten a few weeks back and is a great student, thankfully. He sits still, listens, and is eager to participate. His favorite color is red. 

Elle is a few weeks shy of 3 and is such a sweet little girl. She loves her characters – Bubble Guppies, PAW Patrol, My Little Pony, and Peppa Pig. She loves their shows, and loves her clothes that feature them. Pink is her favorite color, and she’s asking for a Pink drum for her birthday and wants me to play my Trumpet with her. That’ll be fun! And noisy. Oh so very noisy. She’s terrible to put to bed right now, drawing from what seems a never-ending well of energy. 

We recently put them in the same bedroom to make room for our exchange student Sho from Okinawa. It’s been rough! But, that’s good, because that means they play really well together. Fights happen occasionally, but more often than not they get along great.

A 5 year old boy with scraggly hair looks at the camera.
You’ll notice he’s missing a tooth. He had an abscess about a year ago and it was easiest to just pull it on out. It’ll be awhile before that gap is filled.
A 2 year old girl poses for the camera against a brick wall.
I had to really bribe this little girl today to get her to stand where Emmett had stood. She had found a sudden interest in Jelly Fish so I promised her a YouTube video to watch. She made this pose on her own.

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