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A Walk to School

September 20, 2018

Emmett’s elementary school has a program called D.O.G.S. – Dads of Great Students. It’s a fun program that aims to get dads more involved in their kids’ school experience. We can all volunteer to become a D.O.G.S. member which means we get a 3 hour shift at school to hang out with our kids and help out in class. 

Tonight was an orientation pizza party at the school, and Emmett and I decided to enjoy the spectacular evening and walk over. It was fun to chit chat, be surprised by things he knew, and of course take a few photos along the way.

A 5 year old boy is running and jumping away from the camera.
Emmett was sure to not only not step on any cracks, but to enthusiastically jump over them.
A sunflower is illuminated by the sun shining bright behind it.
Everyone loves Sunflowers, right?
A little boy walks away from the camera into the sun while a sun flare occurs on the lens.
I tried to be candid, which means I mainly shot him from behind. #sunflare

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