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A Photoblog by Joel

Camping with the New Family

June 16, 2024

When you decide to marry someone, you also decide to marry in to their family. Which I love! In-laws are great. Jamie’s family is from Logan and they have some fantastic land up a canyon up there that they love to camp on. This weekend we spent a few nights up there with everyone having a fantastic time! I love camping, and I really enjoyed getting to know everyone a lot better. I’m excited to have this become something we do regularly.

There’s plenty of space to play all kinds of games. From Tug of Rope to Ghost in the Graveyard, there was always something going on.
Odin is such a good baby, he just chills in his bouncer all day. As long as he’s included with everyone sitting down he’s happy as can be!
Well hello there, beautiful.
Emmett would talk trucks and trailers with Grandpa all day long!
This was a fun game called… Ninja Destruction. Never heard of it but Elle and Emily really had a blast with it. Thanks Uncle Justin for teaching us!
Always fun playing with cousins!
Hyrum, where Jamie grew up. I grew up in Alpine which was once a lot smaller than it is now. Hyrum feels like Alpine used to. I love it.

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