A Day in the Life

A Photoblog by Joel


January 15, 2024

Well. Winter is here… kind of. Unlike last winter, the snow has been more sporadic. It did snow a lot this week, though, and along with the Hilliers we decided it was time to go sledding. Bethanie had a few spots in mind by her house so we packed up and headed to Saratoga Springs.

The first location was wildly popular… and rather dangerous. It was a big bowl, all of the snow was packed and you went fast and hit hard if you crashed. Emmett crashed on his 2nd run. Poor kid, caught some air and landed hard, rolled on his shoulder and needed to sit out for a little bit. [Video coming soon]

After 30 minutes of stressful sledding, the adults in the room decided we should try location B, a smaller park not too far away. This place was perfect. The hill wasn’t crazy long which made it easy to go up and down, and we pretty much had it all to ourselves. Plus, the view was amazing!

Emmett, getting ready to triumphantly return to the hills after his crash.

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