A Day in the Life

A Photoblog by Joel

Happy Eighth Ladybug

October 9, 2023

You’re such a happy, happy girl… until you have you do what you don’t want to do. Like go to bed. Or go to Karate sometimes. Or go on a drive with me in the mountains. But when you do what you want to do, you’re just a delight. Your laugh and giggle is contagious. Your smile is adorable.

You’re a fantastic friend to so many, everyone in your class loves you. Everyone loves Elle. Your bed is overwhelmed with stuffed animals and you absolutely love it – and you know all of them by name!

This afternoon we had your birthday party. We’re pretty sure you ultimately ended up inviting the whole neighborhood and your whole class. So many friends came! We played Pin the Tail on Bandit, had a dance party, smashed a piƱata, had cake and ice cream, played yard games… it was perfect.

You’re a delight in my life, Ladybug.

Alicia always knocks the cakes out of the park.
Emily was scared of the horde that went after the candy, and it made her sad that everyone else was getting some.

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