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Playtime, together

August 13, 2023

Ya know, it can be trough wrangling 3 kids. Friday night was more of a crash and burn, and then I didn’t sleep so well because I had a Monster that morning. Saturday was mostly good. I spent 4 or 5 hours cleaning and organizing my garage while Emmett helped Alicia move to a newer bigger place to live than she’s been. I had the girls and Elle was pretty rough cause she just wants to play on her iPad, and then she gets grumpy and angry because I have the audacity to tell her to play something else. Emily is usually pretty happy go lucky. Things eventually improved and we all had a good Saturday.

Today got better as the day went on, and tonight it ended pretty great with all of us just building LEGOs in the playroom together, calmly. Nobody was fighting.

I might be speaking too soon… sigh.

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