A Day in the Life

A Photoblog by Joel


September 4, 2022

Over the past several months my car suspension has been making sounds – creaks, clanging, and finally banging. Last week I discovered the source of the sound and knew that it was way past time to fix the problem. This weekend I had the time all set aside to get everything fixed. Which also meant my car was in pieces. So, when my next door neighbor asked to borrow the camper to join the other neighbors camping in the Uintah’s I happily obliged. When they got to their spot they sent me a pin so I could come join them if I got my car put together in time. Which I did! So off I went this afternoon.

Google lied to me. Or something. I knew the route my neighbors had taken, but Google suggested an alternate that would save 30 minutes of driving so I opted for that route. I’ll tell you right now that had I been in a sedan or mini-van I would have been very upset at Google. Most of the way there was paved, but the last handful of miles were off-roading. I loved it! Unfortunately, I never ended up finding my neighbors. But I did enjoy the scenery, especially a quaking aspen grove that was being layered with light in the evening sun. It was beautiful.

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