A Day in the Life

A Photoblog by Joel

The Mall: COVID

November 23, 2020

It’s winter. Night comes too soon and it’s too cold to play outside. Usually we often take advantage of the indoor playground at University Mall… but thanks to COVID the playground is closed. Tonight I took the kids anyway to at least get out of the house and walk around a bit. Stupid COVID.

Such a fine, fine playground.
I tried getting them to smile.
We popped in to the Disney store for a look-around. Elle was enamored by what was on the TV, and I just had to take a picture. She’s so cute.
Outside they had a pretty great light display, so of course we had to go run around for a little bit – try and get more of those wiggles out.
Emmett wanted to stand on the lightpost.
And Elle wanted to pose on the lightpost.

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