A Day in the Life

A Photoblog by Joel


June 15, 2020

While stuck in this Stay-at-Home debacle I had several “good” ideas come and go. One was I wanted chickens. Fresh eggs are so much better than store bought, and it could be a fun little adventure for the family. As well as chores for the kids. So we did it! I ordered some from a person in a Facebook group that she was incubating. Six speckled sussex. Sadly, none of them hatched when they were supposed to so instead the kids and I went to IFA and picked out 6 of the same breed and brought them home. They were all roughly the same size/age except one was about a week ahead and bigger. She’s on the right.

For now they live in a 4’x2′ box that I built in our pantry until they’re old enough to survive outside okay. I’ll be picking up the coop that Jeremy Hall built several years ago for his chickens, but his wife won’t be doing chickens anymore so it’s not needed. It’ll be nice to have a reminder of him in my yard.

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