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Hitting the Wall

May 6, 2020

We’re coming up on 2 months of this work from home, shelter in place new lifestyle. For me that means still having a full-time job + 460. I would usually work 50-60 hours a week between everything. The workload hasn’t changed through all this but the output certainly has. Stay-at-home parenting with a 6, 4, and 1 year old is a full-time job requiring nearly full-time attention. That’s two full-time jobs. And let’s not even get in to schooling.

I’m empty. I’m out. I have nothing left. My mental capacity is shot. I’m exhausted when I get out of bed. I’m overwhelmed with slow and late deliveries and feel like I’m failing everyone. I still get things done and have little victories but the storm-cloud of failure is way bigger and much more in my face. It’s starting to take its’ toll on me.

I could really, really use a vacation – but how do you tell people already patient with a much-later deadline that I need to stop working altogether and push the deadline even further back just to regain some mental health?

I’m tired.

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