A Day in the Life

A Photoblog by Joel


November 21, 2019

This morning Elle was feeling a little sick so I decided to stay home with her and Emily. I managed to get a good amount of work done so that was good. I came upstairs to get some water mid-morning and found my little girl all dressed up and sitting on the table coloring on the chair. The curtains were open and light was perfect so I had to grab my camera and capture the moment.

We had fun together today, at least until 5 or so when she was getting kind of hungry and quite cranky. She is just over 4 but so much more grown up in some ways, and yet still very young and immature in other ways. She has lots of emotion and struggles every day to live with them. I do too. We have some good fights, her and I. She just gets so stubborn that I can’t help but just want to send her to her room or put her to bed… and then she breaks and starts crying. She pushes me to my limits and then immediately regrets it. By bedtime though I make sure she knows I love her and we talk through it. She doesn’t like getting sad, and I don’t like getting mad.

Kids are amazing for personal growth. They’re all so unique in what they teach you.

Elle sits on a table coloring on a chair.

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