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November 19, 2019

No picture today. I’ve subscribed to a few writers’ newsletters lately and discovered I want to join them. I want to write. One is a business copywriter that shares tips on writing better copy for your business. He’s very good. The other is a man that walks – a lot. Long long distance walking. He takes along his camera and documents his journeys with images and words and he’s so compelling. They’re both excellent writers communicating in two different disciplines yet both are storytellers. Storytelling really is the key. Creative storytelling that’s engaging regardless the topic. My life isn’t nearly as interesting as wandering through the small villages and towns of Japan but I do have a unique story. I have a family. A wife and 3 little kids. All of us growing up and learning how to be people and parents. It’s my story and it’s worth sharing and keeping. I love taking pictures, now it’s time to write stories to fill the time before and after the photos.

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