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Pumpkin Carving: 2018 Edition

October 30, 2018
Alicia, Emmett, and Elle are carving pumpkins
Emmett's Pumpkin blueprint
This kid loves eyes on pumpkins. Or maybe he just loves drawing circles. Either way, all his pumpkins had a lot of eyes to cut out. I love it so much. His creativity is great.
Emmett draws the eyes on his pumpkin
Emmett's finished pumpkin
The finished product
Alicia and Elle are looking at their pumpkin.
Elle holds her pumpkin
Emmett holds his pumpkin
Emmett draws a new pumpkin plan, while Sho carves his pumpkin
Emmett holds up another pumpkin blueprint.
Emmett wanted to draw a hi-fidelity pumpkin blueprint. Once again… lots of eyes.
All the family pumpkins
From left to right – Elle/Mom, Emmett/Dad, Sho, Mom.
An artsy close-up of the pumpkins

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