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Happy Birthday, Elle

October 7, 2018

Three Years Old. Elle is such a sweetheart, and so smart! She can speak so well, knows lots of words and nuances of English. She loves her characters and her colors. Ever since Emmett’s birthday in August she’s been looking forward to her birthday, asking us about it all the time, telling us what presents she was going to get. For a long while it was going to be a pink drum, but later she changed it to a pink guitar. 

We celebrated with a big family party tonight and served a proper BBQ meal with 3 kinds of meats, funeral potatoes, salad, carrots, and a lot of BBQ sauce. It was so good! This was my first attempt at brisket and I am quite happy with how it turned out. I will definitely be doing one again soon! Now that it’s been done, I’m not so scared. But, enough about smoking…

A little girl holds her birthday balloons
Birthday Portrait
A little girl smiles while wearing a Unicorn blanket.
Alicia managed to snag the last Unicorn Blanket Cape at Costco. Quite the snag! Elle loves it.
A little girl holds her unicorn stuffed animal
Along with her Unicorn Blanket came a little stuffed Unicorn. It’s her new best friend.
A fully cooked brisket sits on a cutting board, ready to be cut.
Eleven hours on the smoker, 2 hours wrapped and resting, and this big black beauty became the main course for dinner. Daggum it was good.
Sliced brisket. It looks way better than this Alt Text sounds
The brisket did not disappoint. Not one bit.
Shredded pork sits in a pan next to cut up chicken breasts
Along with the brisket we had some pulled pork and smoked chicken
A little girl wearing a My Little Pony hat
She got the cutest My Little Pony hat and gloves and socks.
A little girl holds her toy guitar on her birthday
Elle wanted a new guitar so bad for her birthday. Glad we could deliver
A little girl with a toy guitar around her shoulder opens a birthday present with Candyland.
Elle got her guitar, and she wore it all night. Here she is opening Candyland given to her by her cousin Isaac
A happy boy looks at his LEGO box
Grandma and Grandpa Allan were not in town for Emmett’s birthday, so tonight they brought his present as well. More LEGO’s. To say Emmett was excited is an understatement.
A Peppa Pig birthday cake
Yeah, it’s tall. Six cakes tall!
A little girl blows out the candles on her birthday cake
A black and white scene of a birthday party
A little girl smiles while looking at her birthday cake (out of frame)
Elle loved the Peppa Pig topping on her cake

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