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October 2, 2018

When I was younger my family had this little teepee made from fabric and sprinkler pipe. We played in it all the time, it held up well and was a lot of fun. I’ve been wanting one for my kids to play in for awhile, but for Alicia it was just one more project on her already too-long list of artsy projects to do.

Several years ago my sister Katie was feeling entrepreneurial and went door to door selling these teepees, so I asked her if she’d be up to me paying her to sew one. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to. She then said maybe Calli would be up to the task so I reached out to her next. Calli was unsure if she wanted to but tried convincing me that sewing wasn’t hard and that I could do it. Ha! As if! Anyway, she said “maybe” so I left it at that.

Fast forward a few days. My brother Scott still lives in the neighborhood we grew up in, the one Katie sold teepees in. One of those neighbors had bought a teepee years ago from Katie that was going unused and wanted to know if Scott’s kids wanted it and dropped it off at his house. Scott told Katie about it, she then called me and here we are today, proud owners of a little teepee!

The cherry on top of the story though is while Katie was doing the door to door sales all those years ago, my Mom was the one that was actually sewing them. So, while I was being passed around amongst siblings it was my sweet mom that used her angel magic to send her grand babies a teepee that she had made 20 years earlier. ❤️ #lovenote

Two kids run around a teepee set up on the front lawn.
For the photo-geeks out there, this is ISO 12,800(!) at f1.4. The original was a pinch dark, so I re-processed in-camera (Fuji can do that to RAW files), bumped the exposure 2/3 stop, and then saved a new JPG which I then sent over wifi to my phone to use on the blog. Technology is amazing.

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