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A Trip to Provo Falls

September 29, 2018

We bought a new(er) van. I grew tired of the 2002 Odyssey and the problems associated with age and miles. We now have a 2008 Town & Country Limited, fully loaded, with 94,000 miles on it. We bought it at auction with my friend Shad at Integrity Motors, and unfortunately it came with some issues associated with middle age, but those are pretty much taken care of now and hopefully it gives us some good years of service ahead. 

Today Alicia had a Relief Society Super-activity and was going to be gone from 9am – 4pm, so I decided it was time to take the kids on an adventure in the new car. I grabbed a bunch of DVDs, some water, my camera, and some snacks and we headed off for the Provo River Falls, which is along the Mirror Lake Highway. 

Hamburger and Fries in a tray.
Our first stop was at The Junction in Heber for some lunch. I got the Cowboy Burger. It was dang good. I’m a sucker for any hamburger with BBQ sauce and bacon
A little boy drinks through a straw.
Kids love straws. We had to take a few potty breaks on the drive because of how lunch started out.
A girl is eating pizza, her mouth is open showing the half-eaten food.
The Junction serves burgers and pizza, so I got a cheese pizza for the kids. Elle loved it, Emmett loved the fries.
3 Kids walking down the steps of playground equipment.
Halfway up, in between Francis and Kamas we found a great playground to stop and get some wiggles out. There was another mom there with her 3 year old so the kids had a friend to play with.
Cows graze at the side of the road
Mirror Lake Highway is an open grazing road, so sometimes we had to slow down and enjoy the cattle.
Beautiful fall colored yellow leaves lining a dirt road in Utah
Um. No comment needed here.
Provo River Falls in a drought season - not much water is flowing
The mighty Provo River Falls! Unfortunately, our destination wasn’t terribly picturesque – the water was super low! Last time we were here a few years back they were going strong.
A little boy climbs the rocks of a slow-flowing waterfall
Having the water level low meant a lot of river-bottom hiking for us. Emmett had a blast climbing all over. It was actually nice that the water was barely running as it made a safer play environment and took a lot of stress away from me!
Two kids aren't looking at the camera for a posed photo at the Provo River Falls
Unfortunately I never got a good picture of the kids at the falls. This is the best of the lot.

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