A Day in the Life

A Photoblog by Joel

Hotel Weekend Adventure

February 23, 2024

Last November I took Emmett to Moab to do some off-roading, we stayed in a hotel. A little bit ago Elle asked when it was her turn for a Hotel Trip. This weekend we went to visit someone in Logan… someone I’m quite fond of but that’s a post for another day. We stayed 2 nights at a Hotel that had a very great pool and waterslide. It was a very lovely weekend.

A trip to Logan wouldn’t be complete with a visit to the Logan Temple.


January 15, 2024

Well. Winter is here… kind of. Unlike last winter, the snow has been more sporadic. It did snow a lot this week, though, and along with the Hilliers we decided it was time to go sledding. Bethanie had a few spots in mind by her house so we packed up and headed to Saratoga Springs.

The first location was wildly popular… and rather dangerous. It was a big bowl, all of the snow was packed and you went fast and hit hard if you crashed. Emmett crashed on his 2nd run. Poor kid, caught some air and landed hard, rolled on his shoulder and needed to sit out for a little bit. [Video coming soon]

After 30 minutes of stressful sledding, the adults in the room decided we should try location B, a smaller park not too far away. This place was perfect. The hill wasn’t crazy long which made it easy to go up and down, and we pretty much had it all to ourselves. Plus, the view was amazing!

Emmett, getting ready to triumphantly return to the hills after his crash.

Trim the Tree Twenty-three

December 2, 2023

Standing the edge of the World

November 24, 2023

Emmett and I headed to Moab this weekend with some friends for some off-roading fun only to be sidelined by a lot of rain. So we called an audible and went up to see the incredible view from Dead Horse Point… only there wasn’t much of a view. It was fantastically foggy up top which made for a very unique experience. Occasionally the fog would have a gap and we’d catch a misty view of the scenery below.

Learning Together

November 19, 2023

Tonight I asked Emmett and Elle to help Emily learn a letter that she missed when she was unable to go to Pre-school one day – the letter V. It made my heart happy to see them jump right in and be good teachers.

Happy Halloween 2023!

October 31, 2023

Alicia did an amazing job on the costumes for Elle and Emily, including the face jewels. They looked adorable and loved wearing their costumes. Emmett’s costume fell on me to figure out, and after struggling to find a LEGO option that wasn’t lame or too expensive, I opted to 3-D print it. I purchased this 3D file, $17 of yellow PLA, and spent two solid days printing out the head and hands as big as I could and it fit – barely! It’s pretty awesome. All-in, the kids looked fantastic this year.

Happy Eighth Ladybug

October 9, 2023

You’re such a happy, happy girl… until you have you do what you don’t want to do. Like go to bed. Or go to Karate sometimes. Or go on a drive with me in the mountains. But when you do what you want to do, you’re just a delight. Your laugh and giggle is contagious. Your smile is adorable.

You’re a fantastic friend to so many, everyone in your class loves you. Everyone loves Elle. Your bed is overwhelmed with stuffed animals and you absolutely love it – and you know all of them by name!

This afternoon we had your birthday party. We’re pretty sure you ultimately ended up inviting the whole neighborhood and your whole class. So many friends came! We played Pin the Tail on Bandit, had a dance party, smashed a piñata, had cake and ice cream, played yard games… it was perfect.

You’re a delight in my life, Ladybug.

Alicia always knocks the cakes out of the park.
Emily was scared of the horde that went after the candy, and it made her sad that everyone else was getting some.

Fall Panoramas

October 4, 2023
DJI Mini Drone, Vertical Stitched Panorama

Summer was late in arrival, and kind of early on departure. However, Fall is the best season. Once again, Utah is showing off in colorful fashion. I’ve been eyeing the mountains from the valley for a while now, wondering if I’d find the time and energy to make a trek up there. Thankfully, I did. I love having a drone to capture the angles you just can’t hike to. If I tried just a little bit harder I could probably get the color edits to match between the drone and my Fuji. Alas, I did not try just a little bit harder.

Fuji X100V, Horizontal Stitched Panorama

Return to Farm Country

September 23, 2023

It’s been a few years since we had a Thanksgiving Point Membership, and with winter coming up it was time to renew. Our favorite places to visit are the Curiosity Museum, Farm Country, and the Butterfly Biosphere. Fun adventures ahead!

Happy Birthday, Mom

September 16, 2023

You’d be 65 today. I know you didn’t want to live to an age where you’re taken care of for most of your routine, but I’d like to think you’d be enjoying 65. Your kids are all doing great, your grandkids are growing up too fast and all becoming wonderful people. The legacy you and dad created is one worthy of emulation. I know there were family traditions you were longing to maintain and be a part of, like Christmas Eve, Spring Break in St. George, Cousin Day at Lagoon, and the ever-popular Sunday Dinner. However, there was a different plan in place for your life here on earth.

It’s been 9 years since cancer took you too soon in life, and yet we’ve all come to learn you were taken right on schedule. In those 9 years we’ve had the blessing and opportunity to learn about life after death, what you’re up to, and most importantly–you’re still Mom. You still care, love, and watch over us. You’re more involved in our day-to-day than you had the opportunity to be here. I’m grateful for the countless times you’ve hugged my Spirit, and lifted my thoughts when I needed help.

I’m grateful for all the little reminders you try and give me about the mundane in life, thoughts that pop in to my mind seemingly from nowhere; don’t forget to leave the house without that thing, maybe grab that item at the grocery store, pack some jackets for the kids it might get cold. You’re still Mom.

I love you forever, and I’m looking forward to that glorious day in the future when I get to see you again.